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Real productivity – Seek Balance, Not Motivation. Set Realistic Standards.

We’re tuned to rely on external stimulants to do what we must do and be who we want to be.

This kind of an approach leaves us feeling agitated and stressed when we fail to feel motivated. If you are working out and sharing your fitness journey online, and you feel motivated from the large amount of likes and comments you get on your workout posts, it is a good sign and it is okay to feel good about it but it is not safe to rely on it to feel motivated. 

When an external stimulation becomes the only source of inspiration, it becomes an addiction. 

Here, I’m not talking about the extremes. I’m not talking about showbizz and its dark side that leads to disorders and drug addiction. No, what I am really trying to focus on is a common man’s everyday mindset. 

Before performing any action that brings value, our brains are wired to look for motivation. It has been like this for ages. 

Can we live with this kind of a mindset forever? Yes, it is possible. 

But is it really a good practice? Not really. 

If you ever felt like you need a way out of this concept of finding motivation to do things, this is for you.

The ‘feel motivated’ concept comes with the highs and lows. When you get used to seeking motivation in order to get some quality work done, you’re also preparing yourself to cut yourself some slack when you feel burned out. 

In most cases, the ‘motivation led to productivity’ phase is short-lived and the ‘it is time to rest’ phase lasts longer than expected. We don’t consider this as a problem because we believe that’s how things work and try to look at the brighter side. 

Although no human can be 100% productive and focused 365 days a year, we can be at least 75% productive every single day. 

Okay, so 75% seems like a big number. I understand. Let’s cut it to 50%. 

That is 8.5 hours per day (after excluding the standard 7 hours of sleep time). 

Now let’s say, you are dedicating 4 hours out of it to the tasks you perform at your job. You have 5 hours in your hand for other important things you wish to pursue. If 4 hours of productivity at work seems less, make it 5. But starting with 4 wouldn’t be that bad because we’re talking about 4 hours of solid work with no distractions here. 

Don’t you think you can really get some quality work done with less stress if 4 hours is the target?

This is a better approach than looking for ways to keep yourself motivated throughout the day to be productive for 8-9 hours at a stretch. Trust me, I’ve tried it. 

Plus, you’ll have the remaining hours for the work you wish to do in the other areas of your life. It is essential to understand that productivity doesn’t necessarily mean dedicating all your time to one major goal in one particular area of life. 

Productivity is the concept developed to fuel progress. And progress involves work in all areas of your life. Only this will lead to satisfaction considering the fact that no man has just one goal, just the way he has no one particular source of happiness in life.

We strive for betterment in various areas of our lives because there are several things that are important to us—like relationships, job, lifestyle, hobbies and our body.

Productivity also means making new connections, strengthening existing bonds, making healthy food choices, spending time pursuing your hobby, working for the side hustle, having more conversations and many other things.

If we dedicate 100% to just one part, we will miss out on other parts. 

Hence, it is okay to let the 75 or even 50 be your new 100 for a while. By setting realistic expectations for yourself, you perform better.

I know what all the CEOs and motivational speakers of the world say—

Give your 100%, go all in, be fully dedicated and work to your fullest potential. 

That’s great advice. It is possible too. But only on some days. 

Why? Because we’re beginners and we are humans. 

Some days the world gets in the way and we feel drained. 

Some days our responsibilities take over and we feel tired.  

Some days our feelings get in the way and we get lost. 

Failing to give your 100% and lacking focusing on such days shouldn’t make you feel guilty. It shouldn’t make you feel like you lack discipline. It shouldn’t make you question your way of living. This is the drawback of the ‘stay motivated all the time’ approach.

Find balance and progress will be made, all the time. 

Give yourself the required push and also give yourself the required break.

That’s the key to being truly productive.

Start small and work your way up. It is important to remember there is always room for improvement. You can always raise the bar and strive for more but none of the great things you do will matter if you do it feeling stressed. 

The journey to reaching a goal is just as important as the goal itself. 

Let it be a pleasant one. 

Thank you for reading!

— The Unfathomed

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A letter to the city that breathed new life in me—Bangalore

I knew I was leaving a whole life behind

Stepping into a new world; a world of unknown.

I left Hyderabad on 7th of April 2018.

I vividly remember everything I went through that night. I remember even the minutest of details of that journey like it was just yesterday.

Completely unsure of how things are going to unfold or the idea of where life is taking me, I sat there ‘still and numb’. I was scared to death but there was no going back. At that moment, fear, confusion, disappointment, hope, expectations, strength, denial, every feeling that one can possibly feel played out through me.

As time went by, my life only seemed to go downhill and filled me with the grief of everything I left behind. I started to believe the voices in my head that screamed ‘You made a wrong decision.’

But over time, the truth overpowered those voices. The part I had mistaken for a void that needed a lover to be filled was in reality, just a layer of hurt. And with passing time, I was able to scrape it off and discover that what lies beneath is nothing but a treasure trove of love I had stored for myself and my loved ones.

I remember how this city presented me with an opportunity to get to know myself on a deeper level. I understood and accepted my shortcomings so that I could start working on them. It helped me fall in love with myself all over again and has given me every opportunity to discover my true potential. It has given me time and space to rest, heal, rediscover and rebuild my life with a broader perspective. This is the place where I learned some of the best and most invaluable life lessons. From learning to accept the fact that nothing is permanent to striving to make every moment count, I have come a long way. It did nothing revolutionary but subtly helped me shed parts that no longer served my purpose. Always reminded me of the reasons why I started this journey in the first place.

Here, I was introduced to the most beautiful and powerful parts of myself. I was directed towards a passionate and fulfilling life. There were moments so sublime I had to almost pinch myself to believe they were real — “I have had my heart broken before and it will most probably happen again. But, from this time forward, nobody will have any kind of power or negative impact on me and my well-being” I said to myself watching the sunrise beautifully over the lake. It was a moment worth remembering.

Today, I no longer shed tears over those who caused me pain. I wish them well, pray for their happiness and keep moving forward in life. I have learned the value of forgiveness and freedom in this city. It gave me power and I was unstoppable when it came to things I set my heart and mind on. I have conquered things that I had only dreamed of. Things that were ‘real’ only in my dreams are now a part of my reality and I can’t be thankful enough for it.

This city has offered me growth, faith, transformation, and the truth. It was never harsh on me or made me feel like an outsider. In fact, I have always felt like home here. It will always be a home for the dreamers and the hustlers, I believe. I will forever be grateful for all that I found here, for people, places and things that have fuelled my passion and gave my little heart such immense courage to keep going. Most of all, I’m thankful for the way it helped me look at my own city (Hyderabad) in a different light. It helped me fall in love with the place I grew up in, all over again.

I want to share a part of what I’ve learned here with you, so here it is — there’s nothing more important than the memories you are about to create. This moment is the only proof that you are alive. Once you learn to live in the present moment, what lies ahead or what is left behind holds little to no importance. So go ahead, soak in the beauty of ‘now’, be unabashedly yourself and never stop dreaming. For one day you will realize, by trusting the flow of life, you’ve ended up in the most beautiful place.

So this is my story and I am forever — ruthlessly and relentlessly — editing it.

This is my masterpiece.

Takeaway message: When it is time to grow, God pushes you out of your comfort zone. It’s ugly and uncomfortable at first but eventually, transforms you into someone you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

If you, too, have a place, person, things or even just some moments that helped you turn into something better, fuelled your dreams and served your transition, take a moment to be grateful. Let today be the day to express your gratitude toward it. Also, I’d love to know about it so use the comment section or send me a message, I’m all ears 🙂

A reminder that struggling is just as common and normal as breathing

I know you often wonder why it had happened and why you have to live with the weight of certain things. I know you wish to make a change and try your best to live a good life. I know you tell yourself it’s going to be alright but have difficulty believing your own words. I didn’t say a name yet these lines resonated with almost all of you. Almost each one of you found yourself in it and felt as though I’m talking about you; to you.

Doesn’t this say something? It sure does. This means you are not alone.

What a beautiful thing it is that we’re all in this together. It might seem like you are alone but if only you could hear the thoughts of others the way you hear their voices, you’d know that wondering, failing, struggling, falling, getting back up, doubting, and doing it all over again is just as common as breathing. We’re all doing it and dealing with this thing called life in our own weird ways. Too bad the struggle is internal and our eyes fail to recognize it. We have convinced ourselves to mask it all and have made sadness seem like a crime; you can’t be sad in public, you can’t let anyone see your struggle, and you can’t talk about it out loud.

“Shhh! Suffer alone and be sad in private, that’s brave” you’ve been taught.

That’s brave, that courageous and shows maturity, isn’t it? NO.

Being sad is as normal as being happy. Doubting yourself is as normal as appreciating your victories. And breaking down is as normal as laughing your heart out. So stop torturing yourself for having flaws and stop poking at your dark parts or even worse trying to live as though they don’t exist. C’mon! You are a human — a wild living thing, not some delusional unicorn dripping with perfection.

And if you feel like you are failing and aren’t truly living or making the most of your life, know that there’s no perfect road map to living life. The mere fact that there are a million thoughts originating from you and running through your mind, a thousand words falling out of your mouth, hundreds of voices you are connected to, is enough proof that you are full of life and truly alive. You are living life just the way it’s meant to be lived.

Who made you believe that life was supposed to be a perfect fairytale and minds were supposed to be empty and hearts intact? Who said you are supposed to spend all your years tuning out imperfections and aiming to build a perfect little bubble to live in? Who plotted you against this beautiful thing called ‘life’ that you blame it for all the real things it offers? Think about it and you might realize that you aren’t supposed to be fighting so hard. While you are out there thinking you suck at living this life, you are actually living it just the right way — you are living your story. When you realize that your life isn’t something that needs to be filled with achievements and you only need to accept whatever comes your way, learn, grow and breathe, you will quit trying to MAKE a perfect life and understand you already HAVE a beautiful life. It can’t be tuned to perfection because the world’s idea of a perfect life is quite unrealistic and it brings nothing but toxicity to your mind and body. I know I’m trying too hard to defy the odds and change your perspective but I hope you got what I’m trying to say (at least a little).

Now, wouldn’t you believe me if I said that you aren’t alone and you aren’t abnormal or weak for feeling clueless about your life?

You should.

Because the truth is this is how it’s meant to be but sadly, we’ve been conditioned to believe otherwise.

You are supposed to be clueless so life can surprise you. You can’t choose what life throws at you; you can only rejoice in its goodness, wallow a little in the dark parts, learn from it and grow.

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