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Your choices and perspectives determine the quality of your life

We are our choices. We run our lives. 

We do what we do, feel what we feel, because we must. There’s no escape. 

But what we choose to focus on and how we divide our attention is in our control.

So believe me when I say we run our lives because it isn’t entirely dependent on external factors. 

Our thoughts, emotions and reactions are subconsciously dictated by us and no one else. Our reactions are in our control. The way we perceive things and react dictates how we spend our life.

We are all alike. We all go through periods of struggle. I struggle too, but with a different purpose. If you ask me how that happened, I’d say I chose it; chose to alter the thoughts I was forced to believe and began to manifest the learnings my experiences taught me. I acknowledge that after a phase of destruction, one can never come out as ordinary.

We become our choices. 

While you chase the idea of transformation, and you try hard to let things go, you are missing out on the beauty of letting things just be. You can live in extremes and see the world in black and white, in yes or no, with all or nothing, but you will always feel stuck. You will miss out on the in-betweens. And often, little moments of revelations you ignore hold the key to real happiness. 

Forcing or trying to live in extremes robs you of the pleasure of simply being still. Turn to your subconscious and you’ll be surprised to know how trivial every worry is. Do not try to rebuttal with it, just conjure up the courage to acknowledge the truth that’s being served. It will set you free. 

Let’s not shy away from the phase of acceptance, let’s not be afraid of the silence of stillness, let’s not hurry into the vision. The journey to anything can be amusing if you let it. 

Live some moments in stillness. Life is a charmer, give it a chance and you will realise that you can’t escape it’s spell. It holds you captive yet knows exactly when to release you. Only if you trust in it. Only if you are open to finding joy in little things. 

And when it does, you look at it like never before and the view is breathtaking. 

Trust me on this.

— an excerpt from 2018 journal // The Unfathomed

Surrendering to the life of your dreams

“How and when did you know this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?” He asked

She looked up and thought about it for a while — a way to fit the entire journey in a simple sentence or a few simple words

“There wasn’t one specific moment that defined my choices or gave me assurance that this is the career I want,” she quietly replied

“Yeah, exactly. That happens only in movies” he laughed

“But I can tell you what it makes me feel like every day, do you want to hear about it?”

“Of course, I would love to,” he exclaimed and sat up straight

“It’s going to be a long night, buckle up,” she chuckled and began to speak —

Writing is the one thing that makes me want to live every single moment of my life to the fullest. It makes me greedy and sometimes, even makes me want to die — to have an opportunity to be reborn and relive some moments. It makes me bleed in ways I feel proud of. So intense is the passion for words and I can only see it growing with every passing day. It makes my life worthwhile. When I am writing, I don’t feel like doing anything else and I think that speaks a lot. The thing that is strong enough to defeat your wandering mind should be held close. When I am writing, I don’t find myself thinking or worrying about what’s happened, what’s happening or what’s coming — I’m utterly consumed by the feeling of words rushing through my veins, sprawling across the paper, making their way out of my body and into the world. It’s freaking insane and drives me wild. We all deserve to feel this feeling and this feeling only intensifies a hundred folds when you are making a living out of it. You count yourself lucky and thank god every single day for the kind of life you are living. To me, this life and dreams never involved chasing. I have heard people say chase your dreams and push yourself towards success. Surprisingly, that never happened to me. I got everything I wanted because I was patient enough to wait and get through my own insecurities and chaos. I was strong enough to get out of my comfort zone and brave enough to welcome opportunities with open arms.

“Sometimes, accepting and believing you are worthy of the life of your dream takes more courage than chasing the dream,” she paused and looked at his face.

“Go on, I want to know more,” He whispered, eyes tracing every inch of her face as though he was trying to cage those moments in his memory forever.

Drawing in a deep breath and feeling the blood rush to her cheeks, she continued — “When it is a part of you, you don’t feel the need to chase after it. You do your part, work hard each day, put in efforts to get better at it and just stay still. It’s just all about surrendering to that feeling — you watch your passion hold your hand, draw you close and blindly carry you on a beautiful journey to fulfilling your purpose. There comes a time where you realize that the life you are living right now is actually the life you dreamed of a few years ago and that realization makes you feel so alive. Nothing compares to the feeling that comes when you are held by your passion and consumed with your idea of purpose.”

Losing track of time and growing conscious about the myriad of thoughts she had poured out, her hands make their way to her mouth and shut it close.

“That’s enough, I said too much” She mumbles, eyes filled with a mix of embarrassment, and mischief.

“I can feel the smile hiding beneath your palms, it has reached your eyes,” He says softly.

Looking at her like she’s magic and smiling at how oblivious she is to it, he stood there waiting for more — holding his breath, he chased magic from dusk till dawn

— Nandini

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