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Just begin — let time replace fear with faith

We are always one decision away from a completely different life but we are also several thousand thoughts and plenty of actions away from it.


As powerful as the term ‘transformation’ sounds, it requires you to be utterly vulnerable. It requires you to take accountability for your actions. It requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. It took me a long time to realize that if I want something, the only way to get it is to work for it. I learned that life is all about pushing yourself to do things that reveal your true potential, all whilst not feeling like you’re doing too much. The most effective way to create the life you want is to just begin, I realized.

Whatever it is — great income, good physique, better mental health, secure future, adventure — just begin. You will give up, you will fail but in moments like those, learn to rest, not quit. Working hard for something you want, for the vision you have of yourself and your life, isn’t a burden but an opportunity and a blessing. Your effort toward building something great isn’t a punishment and it shouldn’t make you feel miserable. Stop telling yourself it’s all too much and you deserve an easy life. No. You can have the easy life but you don’t want it, that’s the very reason you are restless and always looking for something that’s beyond the ordinary. It’s a sign that you are made of extraordinary and this journey you are on is your way of finding yourself. Stop treating yourself like you deserve to be where you are right now because the truth is if you deserved it, you wouldn’t be aspiring to be something else, you wouldn’t be dreaming of something more — that’s the sign of bravery and it is proof that you have something most don’t. There are so many like you who feel the same, see the same and are working toward everything they believe is theirs; learn from them, help them, learn from their mistakes, get inspiration from their success, stay close to their energy.

Do whatever you can while you still have time, while you still have a voice, while you still have strength in your limbs. There is always a choice and I hope you choose wisely. The voices inside your head will try to hold you back, you will give yourself new excuses every day and that’s how it is with everyone. It’s no secret that we hold ourselves back even before anyone else does. It’s normal. It’s human nature. But there are always exceptions and this world is full of them.
Just take the first step and stay there until you overcome the fear. Stay there until the fear is replaced with faith. Once you begin, you won’t know how to move ahead, you will feel overwhelmed and uneasy, you will feel like giving up on that idea every single day but you will also learn to get past those feelings. You will find your way out and you will be proud. Your mind isn’t enemy if you try to understand it and try to teach it something new. Create new patterns, make new habits, do everything that you need to do to convince yourself that you are not meant for the mundane life. Refuse to give up and will learn something new, every single day.

Until next time!

Love & light,


Because of you, I’m fierce and free

To a degree that promised a bright future, a secure and respectful life

To the convenient paths that carried me and kept me stuck in a complacent life

To the society that painted a perfect picture of a female body; with curves and flawless texture

To relationships that dragged me to ground and drained me of my vigor for life

To bonds that ripped me of my innocence and pushed me to take a look in the mirror of reality

To people, places, and situations that challenged my beliefs and core values

To rejections that shattered my will and left me starving and broke

To strangers who spew hate and to friends who silently hate

To lovers who left with a smile and a piece of my heart

To teachers who belittled my younger self with unfair judgment and  comparison

To relatives who relentlessly try to confine me to four walls of a kitchen and encourage me to dream only of a husband

To everyone who tried too hard to change the idea of the good, kind and cheerful world I had as a little girl

Thank you for abandoning me

I’m no longer tied to you,

You failed to mold me,

My faith was stronger than you

The little girl’s picture was prettier and more believable

Thank you for abandoning me

Because of you, I’m fierce and free

I might not look, feel or sound the same

You might think you’ve succeeded in destroying parts of me

It might look like I’ve changed

but here’s the plot twist,

I’ve only learned and grown

So thank you,

For teaching me to lock my best parts in a treasure chest

and for handing me the power to proudly hold the key

Thank you for abandoning me,

Harboring those strong beliefs and values of the innocent little girl,

And still dreaming of a better world,

I’m fierce and free

and always will be

— Nandini

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