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Fighting Injustice and Crimes – We DON’T need AWARENESS, We need ACTION.

Get OFFLINE. You cannot make a real difference by hitting those like, comment or share buttons. If we can’t stand injustice and crib about these malicious acts growing around us, we need to get off our asses and do something. Ask questions, get answers that have an actual outcome and act. Is posting on social media going to make a difference? Will ranting about rapists on Instagram story help a girl child feel safe? NO. The audience you are targeting is well-educated. You sharing your views of do’s and don’ts is not reaching the right people. Those who are sick in the head won’t hear you through Instagram stories and there is no need for you to get them to hear or understand you anyway. The focus is on the victims and those surrounding them. While many are trying to protect women by protesting and fighting, maybe some of us can focus on those who are already affected. What about those who survived it, the families that lost a daughter, the sister whose brother turned out to be a rapist, the women whose husband raped her and tried to kill her but was rescued, the child who saw her mother burn herself alive — they’re all victims too. You can’t stop something from happening but you can at least make things better for someone who has/is enduring that trauma. You never know which victim will turn out to be another Malala or Oprah, you never know who’ll go on set an example and be wildly influential to little girls. I know it’s a never-ending list but with the number of people showing hate and opposing like the behavior of criminals online these days, I think many of these victims can be helped. Their faith in humanity can be restored and their lives can be made normal again. I know this sounds off topic because we’re all too focused on stopping injustice but the truth is words don’t mean anything until backed with actions. Sometimes we can’t save everyone but we can teach a few to save themselves. So instead of venting out on social media and hoping to make a difference, get out and do something that’ll actually make a difference.

Find a group of kids and educate them on simple matters like respect, equality and the real meaning of masculinity. Find a group of women and inspire them to raise their kids with the right values and morals. Find a group of adults and have discussions on what can be done. Trust me, the probability of this bringing a change is much higher than a few lines written on any social media platform. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, with social media posts you are targeting the WRONG AUDIENCE. Find a pattern and act on it. Educate those who don’t have the privilege of using social media for knowledge or even lack the resources to attend school. I’m writing this because I’m tired of these countless posts and stories showing up on my account about crime and social injustice. Next time I see someone ranting about a minor’s rape case or sharing screenshot with a sad emoji and abuses, I’ll either fucking block those accounts or bluntly ask that person what he/she is really doing to stop it or even to just minimize the loss. I’m not bothered about my follower count and I’m not afraid of losing any because the bitter truth is posting things online has become an outlet for many; to let those emotions out, when the humanity inside you screams, you throw it all here and get rid of that guilt and feel as though you’ve done your part. It is not right.


We’re all well aware of what’s happening around us, we don’t need your screenshots about such incidents, we have media and newspapers for that. So next time you feel sad about an innocent being raped and killed, instead of repeating what’s already known, please please please tell everyone about what can be done to stop it. Share with us some effective steps that you believe can be taken to keep children safe or how little contribution can be made through actions. Instead of telling everyone how heartbroken you are reading about rapes and murders, share images of you doing something about and maybe that’ll inspire others to do the same. And maybe that’ll actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The world survives on hope and being bitter about injustice isn’t helping. Quit calling yourself an activist and be an actionist. Show everyone the path, not the dirty, tainted mirror.

Thank you for reading.

Because of you, I’m fierce and free

To a degree that promised a bright future, a secure and respectful life

To the convenient paths that carried me and kept me stuck in a complacent life

To the society that painted a perfect picture of a female body; with curves and flawless texture

To relationships that dragged me to ground and drained me of my vigor for life

To bonds that ripped me of my innocence and pushed me to take a look in the mirror of reality

To people, places, and situations that challenged my beliefs and core values

To rejections that shattered my will and left me starving and broke

To strangers who spew hate and to friends who silently hate

To lovers who left with a smile and a piece of my heart

To teachers who belittled my younger self with unfair judgment and  comparison

To relatives who relentlessly try to confine me to four walls of a kitchen and encourage me to dream only of a husband

To everyone who tried too hard to change the idea of the good, kind and cheerful world I had as a little girl

Thank you for abandoning me

I’m no longer tied to you,

You failed to mold me,

My faith was stronger than you

The little girl’s picture was prettier and more believable

Thank you for abandoning me

Because of you, I’m fierce and free

I might not look, feel or sound the same

You might think you’ve succeeded in destroying parts of me

It might look like I’ve changed

but here’s the plot twist,

I’ve only learned and grown

So thank you,

For teaching me to lock my best parts in a treasure chest

and for handing me the power to proudly hold the key

Thank you for abandoning me,

Harboring those strong beliefs and values of the innocent little girl,

And still dreaming of a better world,

I’m fierce and free

and always will be

— Nandini

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