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How Does One Fall Back in Love with Life

You wake up in the morning and pull out the curtains, not coddle up in the warm sheets that help you muffle your misery.

You make an effort to clean the mess inside your head. You nourish your body with enough water and nutrients. You get up and clean the mess lying around your room.

You put one foot in front of the other and go out for a walk. You notice the smell of the freshly cut grass in the park. You visit the stray dogs waiting for you outside your house.

Image Credits – Darshit Belani ( Instagram – __wild__13 )

You shall not spend your nights glaring at the phone screen, checking a bygone’s Instagram story, ruminating over the history, or wondering about the unnecessary.

Instead, you spend your sleepless nights watching the stars and wondering about the outer space. You spend those nights rediscovering yourself by spending time doing what you love.

You fall asleep and wake up with an intention to be gentle with yourself. 

You spend your day doing things you like and eat your meals on time.

You take hot showers and let the water lighten your mind.

You stand under the gushing water with your eyes closed and take your time.

You let those thoughts rush in and believe that no matter how harsh they are, you’ll be fine. You cry and wail if need be.

And when you step out, you treat your body with care. You hold yourself and whisper words of kindness. You tell yourself nothing but the truth. You take a few deep breaths, moisturize your skin and sit with your thoughts in silence.

You volunteer to listen to your mind and see where every thought leads you to. 

You make an attempt to be aware. To be conscious of the repetitive cycles. And then you try to be brave. You pretend to be stronger than your thoughts. And eventually, you gain control and overpower them.

You slowly learn to go to sleep with fewer thoughts in your mind. You don’t fall asleep listening to music that breaks you down, you listen to music that breaks you and builds you right back up.

Every day, you dedicate some time to grieve. And you dedicate a lot of time to rejoice in little things and smile.

You begin to fall asleep with one less destructive thought and one less painful memory every night because you’ve consciously made an attempt to make peace with it. 

Even after enduring the most painful night, you wake up and sit in the sunlight.

Yes, that’s what you do.

Even when you are numb, you sit there waiting to feel something. You refuse to accept the fluctuating emotions as your reality; the ebb and flow of emptiness and heaviness inside your chest throughout the day isn’t your reality.

You understand it and wait for it to pass.

You sit there like a stubborn child demanding for the good things you deserve in life.

You sit there waiting for life to spoil you with the goodies and you stand tall like a warrior waiting to claim what is yours.

Even in the darkest moments, you give the light of life a chance to reach you. You give little things a chance to breathe life in you. And you give yourself a chance to heal. 

You wake up every day and do it all over again.

That’s how you fall in love with life, all over again.

Yes, you fall in love with life by allowing it to happen to you once again. 

With love,

The Unfathomed

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