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With deepest sympathy, a Wildfire

And I wonder how empty you must be

that you spend nights envying me

and pass days wishing me ill

How intimidating is my broken

that even without my presence or my touch

it makes the ground of your perfect crumble

My kind heart wishes you nothing but the strength 

to gracefully walk those hard grounds of acceptance

I wish you nothing but the ability to heal 

from those bruises of your sad reality

It is truly sympathetic to see

how powerless you feel under the weight of your perfection

and eye a mess like me

who is thriving despite having her world shattered

who is not just content but brimming

despite her flaws

Here’s a piece of advice for you—

Envy is a disease, you must know

And clinging to it so tightly

When it originates from an endless entity like me,

When the source of it is a wild, reckless creature like me,

Will make you desperate and leave you crippled 

It will eat you away and destroy you in ways you fail to understand

It will leave you craving for the false and make you chase the ugly

It will push you to fantasize the idea of destruction

Something a woman like me is born out of 

My sympathies to your insecurities

but I will never cage my light

For the world knows it comes from the wildest of places

And flows in the purest of forms

My reality is the truth you’ll have a hard time to ingest, I understand

And my heartfelt apology for the havoc I create

But I can’t dim my shine

I refuse to disrespect my fire

So listen to my whispers

Pay heed to these gentle threats

And for the love of God,

don’t come too near 

Because the truth is

To the game of flames

I bring a goddamn wildfire

The Unfathomed

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